Do You Have What It Takes To Work Remotely?

Have you ever wanted to be a Digital Nomad? Do you have what it takes?


What is remote work and why would you want to do it?

Remote work is rapidly gaining popularity as more and more people desire to live a different life than their parents. It can range anywhere from Data Entry, Customer Service, Graphic Design and Virtual Assistant duties. Remote work allows you to have freedom to work from anywhere, a coffee shop, the beach, your back deck, another country even!  Do you think you’d like to work from anywhere?


What is required to be a digital nomad?

  • First you must have a reliable laptop! I have been using a PC and am getting ready to switch over to a Mac, but that’s just a personal preference.
  • Then, reliable wifi, without it you will not be able to complete tasks that have been assigned to you. (Video meetings, sending emails and sharing your workflow in programs such as Asana or Trello).
  • Strong organizational skills are a plus and you must be able to stay on task and get projects done on time.


Who is this life a good fit for?

  • Young, older, single, married, divorced, with children or without.
  • Someone who is a self starter and can complete tasks by their due date.
  • Anyone who wants to see the world but doesn’t know how they would ever fund it.
  • The wanderers, gypsies and nomads!


Pros  of remote work

  • No commute!!
  • Working in your Pj’s, bathing suit or sweats!
  • See the world
  • No boss breathing down your neck
  • Setting your own schedule

Cons of remote work

  • No work mates to bounce ideas off of
  • Can be lonely at times but in my world that’s not a problem!
  • I can’t come up with anymore cons 🙂


Are you adventurous with a wanderer’s soul? Do you yearn to be out of the rat race 9-5? Sick of the long commute? This may be worth researching if you’re looking for more out of life, you never know, it may be an answer to your dreams. Good luck in your quest for a different life.


Let me know if this is something you may like and we can schedule a call to get you started.