How To Do A Space Clearing With Five Easy Techniques

Do you perform space clearings when things don’t seem to be going your way?


We all have times when things feel stuck, life begins to suck and we can’t seem to move forward. It doesn’t have to be this way though, there are many different ways of clearing a space and getting things moving in the correct direction again. So let’s get started.

First off let me begin by saying; you must clean, get rid of clutter, donate, throw things away, vacuum, dust and even clean your windows before beginning any space clearing.

1. Visualization: Visualize Archangel Michael using a gigantic vacuum to suck out all of the darkness, negative and or stagnant energy. From every corner, nook and cranny, and rooftop down to the basement. Then see him sending all the yuck up to the Creator to be transmuted into love and light. Now see him switch it in reverse and fill the house with the white and golden Christ light. And viola! It’s done.

2. Bells: Tibetan Bells have such a beautiful sound. Starting in the basement, move in a counterclockwise direction ringing your bells up and down the walls. In addition; you may also use a favorite prayers while doing this. Be sure to get into all the hidden spaces. You’ll begin to hear the tone of the bells change and become clearer as you move along. Move up to the next floor, continue in the same manner. Once all the levels are done, you will start over but going in a clockwise direction. This will seal up the positive energy and add another layer of protection to your house. Visualize positive loving energy flowing into your space as as a final step.

Let me preface this next one with; please open the windows before using anything that produces smoke.

3. Burning Sage or using Room Clearing Sprays: Personally I don’t care for the smell of Sage, but others do, so I keep it on hand. There are Clearing Sprays made specifically to clear your space. Dorothy Morrison, Wicked Witch Studios has fabulous ones. Use Spontaneous Combustion and spray away the unwanted energies, next,  find a spray that will bring in what you desire. You can look Dorothy up on Youtube. If you’d like to use Sage, carry a heat safe bowl, take a bundle of dried Sage and light it up. I use feathers to help disperse the smoke and fan it into the corners, I’ll move in a counterclockwise direction removing all negativity. 

4. Salt: While I add flowers and essential oils known to have a clearing effect on negative energy, you don’t have to. Sprinkle it in the corners of all the rooms, I have animals so I do this at night when everyone’s asleep. Then vacuum it up in the morning.

5. Using a Pendulum:  This is such an easy process. Generally a pendulum will swing clockwise for yes and counterclockwise for no, I like to use a metal pendulum. There are “commands” you will use when clearing with a pendulum, if you are interested in learning more, I suggest Raymon Grace. All you do is say, “Remove all negative energy and/or entities, send them up to the Creator to be transmuted into love and light”. Next say,  “I raise the vibrational frequency to love or above and invite in the Spirits of prosperity and freedom”. It is literally that simple to clear space with a pendulum.

These are some simple tools to clear your space and help things to move in your favor again. Choose one, have fun and don’t think to hard. Remember KISS! Keep It Simple Sweetheart.

I’d love to hear how they work for you, have fun experimenting!