Hey, so happy to meet you, I’m Katie.

My friends tell me I’m a gypsy, I definitely don’t like staying in one place for too long. I’ve lived in Michigan, Georgia, Florida (3 times), Colorado and Germany and I’ve been to the Middle East twice!! Kuwait and Dubai are so beautiful. I love above all else, my children, animals, baking, travel, manifesting and all kinds of magic!! Oh, and crystals!!

I’m a 4th generation psychic and quantum energy healer with over 40 years of experience. All my life I’ve seen spirits and talked to them, literally from my earliest memories. It’s fun and easy for me so why not?!

Working with energy and giving psychic readings and healings is what I love! Energy is everywhere and a part of everything. There are things in everyday life that can affect us and sometimes our energies will become blocked, enter me! I can see your energy and where the blocks are and remove them to get the energy flowing again. Through this energy work I’ve discovered I have magic with businesses also. My clients started asking my what they should do here or there and Viola!! I cleared their businesses too.

​In 2012 while living and working in South Florida, I stumbled across this wacky stuff called Access Consciousness. I took my first Bars class and never looked back. I then chose to become a Certified Bars Facilitator to teach others how to run Bars along with having a private practice as a Bars Practitioner. It gives you such a sense of space and relaxation, what a gift it has been to my life and my clients lives.

Born 1963 –  psychic 😊
1995 – Reiki I
1996 – Reiki II
2004 – Reiki Master
April 2006 – Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner (until Doreen Virtue renounced all her work with Angels)
2012 – Access Consciousness Certified Bars Facilitator
2018 – Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift Practitioner