Hi beautiful soul!

I’m Katrina and I believe if you’ve found this magical space you are a light-worker and looking to find your purpose for being here on earth right now. You’ve felt your soul beginning to stir but you’re not sure how to tap in and listen.

You love oracle cards, crystals and all things magical. You believe in magic, phoenix’s, fairies, and unicorns!! LOL! Me too!

I’m here to be a teacher, a healer of souls and to help you find your way, to help you remove the things that are in your way or blocking you. These could be limiting thoughts, negative talk, not believing in yourself and your gifts and even things you carried over from past lives. Not to worry, we can heal and remove those things from your body and energy field and life will become joyful again.

We came here to live a life of joy, of ease and happiness, of abundance but we’ve forgotten how. We did not come here to suffer and live a life of struggle. The lower energies of earth can keep our vibrations lowered but we can choose to not let it! We can raise our vibration and live the life of our dreams. It takes work in the beginning but will become second nature to you as you move along your journey.

It’s a conscious choice we make, to live in joy. When we operate and make choices from joy, everything changes! It’s so beautiful.